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General introduction of Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe.

Hoa Sen Building Materials One-Member Company Limited – a subsidiary directly under Hoa Sen Group – has been officially present on the market since 2008. After nearly 14 years of development, Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company has risen to become one of Vietnam’s top three leading manufacturers and traders of plastic pipes. Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe’s output has increased significantly, reaching 5,000 tons/month, with high product quality to meet the stringent demands of domestic and international customers.

Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company currently manufactures and trades a wide variety of product lines to meet the needs of customers from civil to construction purposes, such as: PVC-U plastic pipes, HDPE plastic pipes, PP-R plastic pipes and anti-UV PP-R plastic pipes, PVC-U round conduits, PVC-U elastic conduits (flexible metal conduits) and a full range of fittings.

Production technology

Pioneering in manufacturing technology, investing in cutting-edge European machinery and equipment systems. Along with equipment line system based on the most recent and advanced technology from Battenfeld-Cincinnati (Germany) – to ensure high capacity, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Furthermore, with a fully automatic and closed production line, coupled with a dosing and quality control system, plastic pipe products are always homogeneous and 100% of German quality, as well as meeting the international standards.

The materials used to manufacture Hoa Sen plastic pipes are sourced from reputable global suppliers, such as: Shintech – USA, Taiyo – Japan, Arab, …; A closed manufacturing process, from material mixing to finished goods completion. Materials and admixture are automatically delivered to the central mixing system, which is the most advanced in South East Asia.

Factory system and distribution channel

Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company not only has good product quality, but it also invests in Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe factories located in all three North, Central, and South regions. This advantage, along with the distribution network that stretches from the North to the South, has helped to lower transportation costs, boost competitiveness, and promptly respond to customer needs in each region. Not only have Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company has achieved remarkable in the southern region, but they have also expanded to the northern and central markets.

Product standards

Because of its technical advancement, Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe has been certified by the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, Vietnam Certification Center – QUACERT in accordance with international standards in the water supply and drainage industry such as: ISO 4427 -2:2007/TCVN 7305-2:2008, Din 8074:2011-12 & Din 8075:2011-12, AS/NZS 1477:2006, national technical regulation QCVN 16:2019/BXD, international electricity industry qualifications – European standard BS EN 61386-22:2004+A11:2010, which specifies the safety indicators required in the electricity industry. Hoa Sen plastic pipes are extensively used in a variety of applications, such as civil and industrial water supply and drainage, high-rise buildings, electricity and telecommunications works, sand pumping, …

In addition to advanced characteristics such as high durability, strong elasticity, great impact resistance, and pressure resistance, Hoa Sen high-quality plastic pipes have the following distinct advantages over other types of regular plastic pipes on the market: Always take proactive steps to ensure the supply of raw materials for affordable product pricing; diverse product specifications to best satisfy all market needs; fast delivery, simple process; free hotline 18001515 for assistance and technical support; particularly good warranty policy: plastic pipes used for water supply and drainage have a 60-month warranty, while underground electricity and telecommunications cables have a 12-month warranty.

As a result of the company’s efforts to improve competitive advantage through product quality. Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company has been certified as the first plastic pipe manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam to use equipment, technology that meets the automatic standards, and closed manufacturing processes by the Institute of Applied Materials Science (under the Viet Nam Academy of Science and Technology). Hoa Sen plastic pipes have been awarded the National Brand for several years in a row (according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade), as well as the Top 15 Strong Brands, the Vietnamese Gold Star Award, and High-Quality Vietnamese Goods.

Thanks to its significant strategic orientations and consumer trust, Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe Joint Stock Company, a young firm in the plastic pipe industry, has been extending its market, rising to reinforce its standing, and becoming one of the top businesses in the Vietnamese plastic pipe market.