December 5, 2022

After only nearly 14 years of development when officially commercial available since 2008, Hoa Sen Group has become the top 3 leading plastic pipe manufacturers and traders in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s construction plastic manufacturing industry is developing strongly.

Thanks to the strong, durable and persistent commitment to pursue a sustainable development strategy; The plastic industry has overcome obtacle and challenges to maintain operational stability and growth in business, welcome opportunities for development after the pandemic.

Welcome opportunities for growth after pandemic

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2022, the prospect for the plastic industry is very convenient thanks to Vietnam’s signing a series of new generation FTAs ​​recently (such as CPTPP, EVFTA, RCEP) to help open up  the oppotunities in oder to  attracts investment not only in FTA partners but also other countries to invest in producing goods in Vietnam to take advantage of FTA opportunities.

The plastic industry is expected to maintain a high growth rate of up to 15%/year, businesses in this industry have set out sustainable business strategies to seized an development opportunities in the near future

In the context of the world and domestic economy, there are many obstacle due to the epidemic of Covid – 19 impacts that have caused broken supply chains, production and business in many fields and industries to face obtacledobtacled; But from 2020 – 2021 plastic industry still maintains quite well in production, business and growth activities

Along with the tendency to develop of the plastic industry in general, the construction of plastic manufacturing in Vietnam also make strong advances. The Ministry of Industry and Trade also pointed out these factors have encouraged the development of namely ;real estate market and large -scale recovery infrastructure projects;The bulky size of plastic products of construction materials makes transportation difficult, therefore the imported products are less competitive; The typical consumer sentiment are the advantages that help construction plastic companies do not put up with  many competition from foreign companies.

Also according to the planning of Vietnam’s plastic industry to 2025 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the plastic industry will shift the structure in the direction of reducing the proportion of plastic product and household plastic products, gradually increasing the proportion of plastic groups. Construction and technical plastic have a special mechanical and mechanical properties specialized in construction and industrial activities.

Hoa Sen plastic tube affirms its position in the Vietnamese plastic market

Officially commercial available  on the market since 2008, after only nearly 14 years of development, Hoa Sen Group has become the top 3 leading plastic pipe manufacturers and traders in Vietnam. The production of Hoa Sen plastic pipes is significantly growing, reaching 5,000 tons/ month, high product quality to response  the strict demands of domestic and international customers

Currently, Hoa Sen Group is producing and trading a lot of product lines in oder to response all the demanddemands of customers from civil to the project such as: PVC-U, HDPE pipe, plastic pipe PP-R and PP-R 2-layer anti-UV, PVC-U piping pipes thread round electric wires and PVC-U pipe pipes of elastic electric wires (chicken intestinal tubes) and full of accessories.

Foreign experts guide the operation of production equipment at Hoa Sen Ha Nam plastic pipe factory

In oder to get those successes, Hoa Sen Group has invested synchronously from production to sales. Pioneering in production technology, investing in systems of machinery and modern equipment in Europe standard. Along with the latest and most modern technology line system of Battenfeld-Cincinnati (Germany)-to guarantee high-capacity devices, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

In addition, with a fully automatic and enclosed production line, accompanied by a system of quantitative and quality control equipment, ensuring that plastic pipe products are always homogeneous and 100% of German quality ,as well as get international standards.

Raw materials for production of lotus plastic pipes are imported from reputable sources in the world such as Shintech-USA, Taiyo-Japan, Arabic, …; The production process is closed from the stage of mixing raw materials to the output of the finished product. Raw materials and additives are automatically provided to the central mixing system – the most modern mixing system in Southeast Asia today.

Not only has good product quality, Hoa Sen Plastic Plants are also located in all 3 regions of the North, Central and South. Thanks to this convenient, associated with the distribution system stretching from the North to the South has reduced shipping costs, increasing the competitiveness of the product, the fastest meeting the needs of customers in each region, givingHoa Sen Group a hand has significant success not only in the southern region but also to the North and Central markets.

Thanks to the outstanding technical, Hoa Sen plastic pipe has been granted a significant certificate by the General Department of Metrology and Quality Standards – the Center for Certification – Quacert is certified in accordance with international standards in the water supply and drainage industry such as: ISO 4427 -2: 2007/TCVN 7305-2: 2008, Din 8074: 2011-12 & Din 8075: 2011-12, AS/NZS 1477: 2006, National technical regulation QCVN 16: 2019/BXD, International Certificate Regarding the electricity industry-standard Europe BS EN 61386-22: 2004+A11: 2010 stipulates the safety indicators needed in the electricity industry. Lotus plastic pipes are widely used in areas such as: civil and industrial water supply, high -rise buildings, telecommunications power works, sand pumps …

Photos of Phu My factory taken with flycam

With making efforts to enhance the competitive advantage with the quality of products, Hoa Sen Group has been applied by the Institute of Applied Materials Science (under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology). The first plastic pipe in Vietnam utilizes  the system of equipment and technologies that achieve automation standards and closed production processes. Hoa Sen plastic pipe is honored for many years to achieve the national brand (according to the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade), the top 15 strong brands, Vietnamese gold stars and high quality Vietnamese goods.

With principle strategic orientations and consumer trust, Hoa Sen plastic pipe has been extenting the market, blossomed out  to affirm its position, becoming one of the leading businesses in the Vietnamese plastic pipe market.