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Warranty Policies

I/ Warranty

The warranty of the product is: to fix defects, technical problems that occur due to manufacturer’s fault.  

II/ Provisions of warranty

  • The product is warranted free of charge if the product has a warranty period calculated from the day of delivery.
  • The product has the genuine label of Hoa Sen brand.
  • The product must have a warranty card issued by Hoa Sen, or satisfy the warranty conditions of Hoa Sen. 
  • Comply with “Instructions on preservation, construction and installation of plastic pipes” of Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company. 
  • The product has a technical defect in the manufacturing process. 
  • Do not change the structure of pipes and its accessories.
  • Working temperature: plastic pipes and PVC-U, HDPE fittings from 0ºC ÷ 45ºC; PP-R plastic pipes and fittings from 0ºC ÷ 95ºC.

III/ Conditions not covered by warranty

  • The product is not warranted in case the warranty card is not intact, the contents on the warranty card are erased or the product does not match the information on the warranty card.
  • The products used directly under the sunlight (PVC pipes, PP-R pipes, PVC-U pipe fittings, PP-R pipe fittings), direct exposure to fire, or in the environments, which are affected by corrosive chemicals.
  • Damage caused by fire, natural disaster, human damage. 
  • Not following the instructions and recommendations of Hoa Sen causes cracks, breaks or deforms the products in the process of arranging, transporting, using and storing products.
  • Installation is not in accordance with the instructions of Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company. 
  • Mechanical impacts.
  • Improper use of product features.
  • Selecting inappropriate equipment to use (such as using a pump with a capacity greater than the pressure of the pipe, etc.). 
  • Products, which are used in the industry of sand pumping, well drilling, concrete breaking and filling, are not warranted.
  • Failure to properly and fully comply with the provisions of product warranty according to the “Warranty Card”. Customers repair and replace the damaged products by themselves without confirmation from Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company.

IV/ The warranty liability of related parties 

  • The liability of Hoa Sen Plastics Joint Stock Company within the scope of the Warranty card only covers the cost of repairing non-standard Plastic Pipes or fittings or exchanging a corresponding new product to replace an unqualified product.
  • Hoa Sen Plastics Joint Stock Company will not pay for labor costs incurred by other problems of substandard Pipes or Fittings or for any compensation directly or indirectly to anyone because Pipes or Fittings are unqualified. 
  • Responsibility of Buyer: When detecting the non-conformity of the product, buyer must report the complaint immediately in writing to Hoa Sen Plastics Joint Stock Company and allow Hoa Sen Plastics Joint Stock Company to inspect the complained product. The Buyer must provide full information about the complained product such as installation date, date of receipt, invoice number, sales slip,…
  • The Warranty card only applies to the Buyer. This warranty card is not valid if transferred to a third party.

***Note: Hoa Sen Plastics Joint Stock Company will not solve the complaint if the buyer does not comply with the Warranty conditions listed above.