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Khong Tu Quynh shed a tears when taking part in reality show Vietnamese Family Home

December 1, 2022

Khong Tu Quynh  had many emotions when taking part in the reality show Vietnamese Family Home and helping children who have troubled lives.

Episode 6 The Vietnamese Family Home aired with the attent of celebrity famous Minh Du, singer Khong Tu Quynh, along with MC Quyen Linh’s guidance. In the reality show, Khong Tu Quynh sang and gave the audience a song that “Remember ” – the hit had a part in her reputation about 10 years ago. Not only that, Quyen Linh and Minh Du also joined, backup dancer into her performance, creating a lovely moment that made the audience in high spirits.


Taking part in the Vietnamese Family Home, Khong Tu Quynh burst into tears when saw with her own eyes the children orphaned because of Covid-19

In the Vietnamese home, when witnessing the plight of the children, who exposed to orphaned because of Covid-19, Khong Tu Quynh could not help but be touched. She burst into tears and said: “I think that the children who are too young and have lost their father or mother will probably lack love. At that time I also remembered my parents. Suddenly I felt for, missed and was fortune because I still had enough parents. ”

Khong Tu Quynh gave the audience the song “Remember ” when participating in the reality show

Khong Tu Quynh added because of the human terms of the program, therefore when the organizers were invited, she taked part in immediately. The voice of the strawberry shopping shop pouring out her heart: “I have many brands of skin care, beauty want to cooperate so I limit participating in the outside. However when I received the invitation, even though the sun came, I would still participate. Regarding to me, the fact that I have today is thanks to the love of the audience, so I have to be grateful, to spread and give others a hand. ”

Sharing about her family, Khong Tu Quynh said she was over the moon still have enough parents and still recieve parental affection every day. Currently, the singer does not live in the same house as the birth but often visits.

The singer is exerted herself with challenges to help difficult circumstances

She spoken publicly: ” Quynh regularly went to perform all the time before the pandemic took place, once in a blue moon stay at home. Even the New Year days everyone was with the family and Quynh went to earn money and performed in the provinces very far away.” The singer said there were times when she went to perform for nearly 2 months to go home. At that time, she thought about her career and devoted her heart to the audience. But after the epidemic, the cold voice changed in thinking mine

Khong Tu Quynh said the Vietnamese Family Home is a reality showthat brings many emotions that it has been a long time ago. “In addition to contributing a part of give families a hand difficulties to win bonuses, the program is like awakening my emotions within me. The meaningful actions, the feelings that people have for each other have changed my thinking, my heart sobbing and felt more love to life, love people around, ”Khong Tu Quynh shared.

According to Thanh Nien Newspaper