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Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe reveal the success from technological innovation strategy

We invested in the latest technological equipment and modern production chains of Battenfeld – Cincinnati (Germany), Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe satisfied rigorous technical requirements and affirmed technological superiority with product lines that conform to international standards.

Improving the quality of products with modern technology

Officially on the market since 2008, after about 14 years of development, Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe has become the top 3 leading producers and traders of plastic pipes in Vietnam. The production of  Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe has grown significantly, reaching the milestone of 5,000 tons/ month, with high-quality products that meet the strict demands of domestic and international customers.

Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe – Confirming the position, enhancing brand of Vietnam

Pioneering in production technology, investing in modern machinery and European standard equipment systems. With the latest and most advanced technology system of equipment chains of Battenfeld – Cincinnati (Germany) – to ensure devices with high-productivity, energy-saving and environment-friendly. Besides, we have a completely automatic and closed production chain, accompanied by a measure equipment of quantitative and quality control, ensuring that plastic pipes are always uniform and 100% of German quality, as well as international standards.

In addition to investment in technology, Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe also focuses on establishing a strict management process of the product quality. Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company has already equipped a laboratory that has been certified Vlat according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, with a modern machinery originating from the US, Germany, Japan, Canada,.. such as rheological torque meter, melt flow indexer, strength of materials meter, hydrostatic pressure meter, impact tester, etc., allowing to control all quality criteria from input materials to the output product. 

Production of outstanding quality plastic pipes is due to the modern production processes according to European standards, which are strictly inspected from input materials to output finished products. Materials for the production of Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe are imported from reputable sources in the world, such as: Shintech – USA, Taiyo – Japan, Saudi Arabia,… along with the closed process, materials and additives are added automatically to the central mixing system to ensure that the mixing batches are always uniform in proportion to produce plastic pipes with outstanding quality, high temperature resistance and environment-friendly. 

Thanks to technical superiority, Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe has been certified by the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality – Vietnam Certification Centre – QUACERT in accordance with international standard in the water supply and drainage industry such as: ISO 4427-2:2007/TCVN 7305-2:2008, Din 8074:2011-12 & Din 8075:2011-12, AS/NZS 1477:2006, national technical standard QCVN 16:2019/BXD, international certification electrical industry – European standard BS EN 61386-22:2004+A11:2010 required the safety indicators in the electricity industry.

Currently, Hoa Sen Plastic Joint Stock Company is manufacturing and trading many products to meet all the needs of customers from civil goods to construction such as: PVC-U pipe, HDPE pipe, PP-R plastic pipe, PVC-U round wire conduit, and PVC-U elastic wire conduit (conduit steel flexible) and a full range of additional accessories.