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The “Singing for tomorrow” journey – Constantly spreading love

December 2, 2022

Accompanying the Singing for Tomorrow program, the humanitarian bus of Hoa Sen Home is constantly “rolling the wheel” to places full of love. On that bus, each contestant was a “special passenger”, sharing the emotional story of noble gestures, sacrificial virtue, and enthusiastic hearts in a hard time of fighting against the pandemic.

The “ordinary” but “noble” mirrors

Remember the time of the violent outbreak of Covid-19 back in 2021, at that time, due to the fast infection rate, everyone wanted to stay at home for safety and to protect their health and their family. However, Mr. Pham Hong Phuc (Lieutenant of the Fire and Rescue Police Department – Ho Chi Minh City Police Department).  is one of the brave firefighters who pioneered in the most dangerous position, putting aside personal innermost feelings, the worries for the frail aging mother’s health at home. 

At that stage, Phuc told himself to hide the fatigue to hold the fire of responsibility spirit in the propaganda of fire prevention and fighting. As a firefighter who is wholeheartedly devoted to the community, Phuc does not avoid the risk of becoming a victim of F0. But no story could be more haunted and qualms than the story of “Mr. Phuc’s elderly mother’s sickness getting worse ” and the heart-breaking sentence “Mom, please try to breathe for me…”.

The fire of human love and social responsibility was lit through the story of firefighter Pham Hong Phuc

Fortunately, after a while, the whole family of Mr. Hong Phuc conquered Covid and gradually recovered. That firefighter has now become an enthusiastic and grateful “soldier” on the front lines against the epidemic.  Every day, he does not hesitate to ride his motorbike for asking food, and food relief from food distribution points then crept into the alleys of Saigon to give to everyone. More specifically, Phuc also brings oxygen bottles to places that need help and advises people on F0 treatment at home…

During the peak of the epidemic, outside the hospital door was the living, the fighting of the whole city with an invisible enemy. And inside that door were the tireless efforts of doctors and medical staff. As a contestant appearing in Episode 18 of Singing for Tomorrow, Mr. Nguyen Le Bao (Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital) is a doctor who has just graduated, but with the enthusiastic spirit of youth, he voluntarily comes to the “hot spot” in the effort of holding the precious breath of F0 patients. 

In the fight against Covid, Saigon witnessed millions of hands joining together lighting the fire to dispel the darkness with small but extraordinary actions, from flesh and blood people like Lieutenant Pham Hong Phuc or Dr. Nguyen Le Bao. It is the fire of compassion and human love, of social responsibility and fellowship.

Write a nice story in the ordinary life

Singing for Tomorrow – Season 1 has ended, but human values and stories of “beautiful living” are always spread and replicated every day. The contestants can completely retain the bonuses received from the program for themselves to cover their lives, but with the spirit of “fellow feeling”, they all share it for the miserable lives in society…

Hoa Sen Home helps Mr. Pham Hong Phuc to fulfill his aspirations of connecting with disadvantaged lives and spreading love

Lieutenant Pham Hong Phuc used the reward of VND 20 million from the sponsor Hoa Sen Home to give 20 gifts to orphaned children in Ward 5, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. For the remaining reward amount, Mr. Phuc coordinated with the Women’s Union of District 2, District 6 to build a “charity kitchen” to cook 100 meals sent to the elder in the local district Veterans Association on July 27th, with the desire to express deep gratitude to the preceding generation, who bravely participated in the battle on the battlefield, devoted and sacrificed to the independence and reunification of the country. 

“The Singing for Tomorrow program is a bridge to help me do good things, connect with disadvantaged lives, and motivate everyone to strive to overcome difficult situations.  And my wish is that every year, I will continue to maintain that kitchen to spread more to other areas,” Hong Phuc shared.

“50 million for a smile” is a meaningful activity that Doctor Nguyen Le Bao performed after receiving the reward from the program.

As for Dr. Nguyen Le Bao, a distinguished candidate who went to the last round of the program and won the amount of VND 50 million, personally handed over this award to the following charity organizations: Red Hearts – Hung Vuong High School, White plumeria flower – Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University and Dream Of the Poor (DOP) Educational Organization. 

Singing for Tomorrow is a community music program sponsored by the Hoa Sen Home Furniture and Building Materials System. After 33 episodes, the first season ended with an amount of more than 3 billion VND given to 88 individuals who are doctors, health-care practitioners, medical staff, and volunteers nationwide.  They are all flames who are always ready to devote themselves to act for the community and are beautiful living examples in everyday life. 

Towards the 21st anniversary of Hoa Sen Group, this group has been and will continue to “bring happiness and share with the community” through many sponsorships and social charity activities that are full of human and practical values.